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Public Safety and Security 

Using a combination of the latest 3D Digital Reality capture technologies and proprietary software we are able to help analyze the real world virtually to provide timely information and critical intelligence for public safety and security planning. By accurately capturing your environment prior to an incident we are able to provide 3D situational awareness and visualization for first responders who may be unfamiliar with your site or entering the facility for the first time.

Multiple uses and benefits of an 3D Laser scanning and an accurate interior/exterior as-built digital 3D model of your facility:

  • Determine areas with hazardous materials 

  • Easily locate fire extinguishers, exits, elevators, doors, windows within your facility.

  • Quickly obtain information regarding number of rooms, floors, thickness of walls, and their dimensions.   

  • Use of the 3D virtual model for pre-event planning, evacuation simulation, and safety training.

  • Combine 3D virtual model with 360 panoramic photos for a realistic view of the actual site facility.

  • Information can be securely accessed online and shared with only authorized personnel when needed.

  • CCTV optimization and line of sight analysis.

  • Damage assessment or accident scene documentation

  • Complete documentation of critical asset for protection and provide risk mitigation measures.

  • 3D data can be used for post-event reconstructions visualization and animations

Digiscript provides consulting services for both private and government institutions.  Call us today to find out how we can support your safety and security requirements.