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Public Safety and Security 

Multiple uses and benefits of 3D Laser scanning and an accurate interior/exterior as-built digital 3D model of your facility:

  • Determine areas with hazardous materials 

  • Easily locate fire extinguishers, exits, elevators, doors, windows within your facility.

  • Quickly obtain information regarding number of rooms, floors, thickness of walls, and their dimensions.   

  • Use of the 3D virtual model for pre-event planning, evacuation simulation, and safety training.

  • Combine 3D virtual model with 360 panoramic photos for a realistic view of the actual site facility.

  • Information can be securely accessed online and shared with only authorized personnel when needed.

  • CCTV optimization and line of sight analysis.

  • Damage assessment or accident scene documentation

  • Complete documentation of critical asset for protection and provide risk mitigation measures.

  • 3D data can be used for post-event reconstructions visualization and animations

  • Provide 3D situational awareness and visualization for first responders who may be unfamiliar upon entering the facility

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