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3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser scanning, also called High Definition Surveying (HDS), is a method of high-accuracy digital reality capture that uses laser beams to quickly capture complete detail of an entire building, facility, or site—much like a camera taking a 360-degree photos, but with an accurate position for every pixel. This detailed 3D representation 'as-built' of the building project is often called a ‘pointcloud'. 


Common challenges of conventional as-built documentation:

  • Outdated, inaccurate, or unavailable as-built plans.

  • Drawings are often in hard copy 2D blueprint format which makes it difficult to update, modify, transmit, and share.

  • Drawings do not reflect current state of the built environment or asset condition.

  • Multiple site visits are required to reverify measurements and collect additional information due to incomplete data from previous visits.

  • Due to incomplete measurements, project teams end up having to make too many assumptions, which results in project delays, unforeseen problems, and increased costs

3D Laser scanning allows for rapid and accurate capture of your built environment that addresses the above challenges and has proven valuable for various industries such as:

  • Architecture, Engineering, & Construction 

  • Offshore / onshore oil & gas 

  • Industrial plant facilities

  • Heritage Conservation

  • Tunnel and Mining

  • Public Safety and Security Planning

  • Entertainment, Marketing, and Tourism

  • Forensic investigation

See our 2D As-built drawingsSCAN to BIM services or our Featured Projects to understand how we have created valuable solutions from 3D Laser Scanning.


pointcloud is a set of data points in some coordinate system. In a three-dimensional coordinate system, these points are usually defined by X, Y, and Z coordinates, and often are intended to represent the external surface of an object. Point clouds are created by 3D scanners.

Video: How 3D Laser Scanning works 

Video: 3D pointcloud as-built animation of  various projects across multiple industries.