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Alabang Town Center

Industry: Architecture

High Definition Laser Scanning to

As-Built Drawings & 3D Model



The Alabang Town Center mall is a 17-hectare upscale commercial mall built in 1982 by Ayala Land, the Philippines leading real estate developer.


In 2009 plans were made to expand the mall with a new wing that would affect 3 levels, and construct a new building with additional stores and restaurants.  One of the challenges for this expansion was that there were no as-built plans for the shopping mall since the original copies had been badly damaged during a natural disaster and 3 separate contractors built the current mall in phases over the span of twenty years; hence, none of them had an updated or consolidated as-built documentation that covered the entire mall. With Digiscript's help, we were able to conduct a High Definition laser scan of the existing mall to generate as-built drawings to be used for their expansion design and construction.  



Digiscript used the Leica GeoSystems C10 and the ultra high speed HDS 6100 terrestrial laser scanners to capture the perimeter roads,  facades, common areas, hallways, ceilings, and walkways in approximately 13 days. Upon completion of all site survey activities, Digiscript extracted highly accurate as-built CAD drawings and created a 3D Revit model.


One of the more important deliverables that were critical to the project was to provide sections of the different level changes across the length of the mall (500 meters) and to show the proposed expansion design relative to the existing central mechanical room to which it would connect.

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