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High Definition Laser Scanning

for Retrofit & Clash Detection



The Shell Malampaya offshore natural oil and gas production facility is one of the most significant industrial energy projects in the Philippines today, contributing to the country’s energy independence as it currently generates nearly 50% of Luzon’s power. The offshore platform uses state-of-the-art deep water technology and is comprised of subsea facilities and a 503 km underwater pipeline connecting to an onshore processing gas plant.  By 2015, Shell has plans for the construction and installation of a new platform, which will help maximize and sustain the recovery of gas from the reservoir, and to maintain the nation’s power needs. 

Shell together with Transfield Services Worley Parsons (TSWP), their maintenance engineering services contractor, engaged Digiscript Philippines Inc. (Digiscript) to conduct a full laser scan as-built of the entire platform.


The entire platform measured 40 x 90 meters and approximately 25 meters high and consists of 3 decks: Cellar deck, Production deck, and the Weather deck. With the use of the Leica ScanStation C10 laser scanner, and other traditional survey tools and instruments, Digiscript’s survey team was able to efficiently capture the complexities of the platform environment as well as scan confined spaces where accessible. By the end of the field activities, over 760 scans were captured spaced between every 3 – 5 meters.  


Digiscript was a key player in the successful installation of the newly fabricated structural support brace that was to sit on top of the existing stack support on platforms weather deck.  In order for the installation to take place successfully, Digiscript conducted a laser scan of the existing smoke stack support and created a 3D model of the entire structure paying close attention to the stabbing guide and squareness of the brace.  

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