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As-built Services
3D Reality Capture

Utilizing proven state-of-the-art 3D Digital Reality Capture and Surveying solutions such as 3D Laser Scanning, we are committed to help you rapidly obtain accurate baseline data of your built environment and showcase the multiple uses of 3D Reality capture in order to build a safer, sustainable, and progressive tomorrow. 


Experience and Interact with your space like never before. The most advanced Immersive Virtual Tour Experience is now available in the Philippines!

Using reality capture technology, we digitize and visualize any indoor space in True 3D, Making this ideal for various industries and applications. These spaces can then be shared online and viewed on multiple device platforms.

Aerial Lidar THumbnail.jpg

Using Drone Technology, we provide end-to-end aerial mapping services for a wide range of industries. Aerial data captured covers a range of outputs from high resolution orthomosaic and topographical maps, digital surface models (DSM), digital elevation models (DEM) and more.

Our technicians and pilots are licensed and Certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).

Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a nondestructive, and non-invasive method of investigation that uses radar pulse to generate subsurface images. Data captured from GPR is then analysed and interpreted by our team of geologists and engineers to understand critical subsurface conditions.

Through GPR Technology we are able to locate buried and embedded utilities, and other anomalies below ground for a number of applications.


Digiscript Philippines Inc. (Digiscript) is a Filipino owned company established in 2006  that helps customers visualize, design, measure, and manage the built environment in 3-Dimensions (3D).  It is the pioneer and leading service provider for 3D Digital Reality Capture Technology Solutions industry in the Philippines. 


Since introducing 3D High Definition Surveying (HDS) to the Philippines in 2009, it has provided customised technology solutions for both government and private institutions across several industries such as oil & gas,  power generation, architecture engineering & construction (AEC), heritage conservation, safety & security, infrastructure, and irrigation.  Digiscript has also built a small but growing clientele of surveying, architectural, and engineering firms in Australia, US, UK, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.  Digiscript has built a wealth of specialized knowledge, which it has applied to providing custom tailored 3D solutions for its clients, with the goal of always striving to fulfill its brand statement of "Delivering Value”.


Power plant stations need the latest maintenance, safety and documentation to ensure the generation of electric power. Given their importance, power stations, nor the users dependent on their energy supply, can afford delays or malfunctions.

January 11, 2018


Digitally Managing Power Plant Assets


In the latest Blueprint Magazine, Digiscript participates in the Manila Cathedral restoration project by providing millimeter accurate as-built drawings.

August 1, 2017

A Fitting Retrofit: The Restoration of Manila Cathedral


Digiscript's participates as the keynote speaker in the Security Matters Asset Protection Symposium and explains how 3D Laser Scanning is used for pre-event planning, complete documentation of infrastructure assets, immersive safety training, and evacuation simulation. 

March 10, 2017

Improved Safety & Security Planning with 3D Laser Scanning Technology




Ayala Bridge


Bonifacio War Tunnel

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Heritage Preservation






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